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Because Words Have Meaning


Addendum Communication provides localization services that adapts a translation and accounts for the unique features of a specific geographic market.


Addendum Communication offers voice-over services in English and French (Canada, France) for corporate videos, e-Learning projects, audiobooks, fiction, among others.



Addendum Communication ensures that U.S. companies are prepared and informed, including avoiding costly communication errors, to increase their market share and sales in a target market.



Addendum Communication is a boutique translation agency with an experienced management team and skilled translators. 


From simple document translation to customized localization, our mission is to help your business navigate the global market. Our consultative approach offers human translations that focuses on your specific requirements.


We have a large team of native French and Québécois translators, who can localize your message or make it neutral for a broader audience.


No matter where you are, Addendum Communications is here for you. Servicing companies worldwide, we provide linguistic solutions when you need it.

  • Maximum accuracy with human translations (HT)

  • Efficiency provided by the best CAT tools Memories  & Quality Assurance on the market

  • Quick and cost-effective turn around even with the largest projects

  • Assurance procedures which ensure the highest levels of accuracy and style

  • Same dedication regardless of size of projects and accounts

  • Reliability for the most high-profile, mission-critical communications


Rely on our superior translation services to ensure you maintain the same high standard in your communications, no matter which language you need to communicate in.

  • Website

  • Brochures

  • Product manuals

  • Packaging

  • Business cards 

  • Contracts

  • Training manuals

  • Research reports

  • and more

We provide the most reliable way to get your message across in just about any format imaginable.    

  • Translation & Localization

  • MTPE

  • Subtitling

  • Software Localization

  • Technical Translation

  • Website Localization

  • e-Learning

  • Voice Over (corporate videos, tv shows, audio-books & more)

  • Transcription 

  • Multi-language SEO



Why You Need Addendum Communication

We understand the importance of communicating properly with your targeted audience. Getting the right words, correctly, is crucial to your business. Our experienced translators will provide you with the necessary and accurate words. No matter where you are located. Because we serve companies worldwide.


It is important to your business to get the words right. Linguistics plays a key role in translating your material from one language to another. It deciphers all the important functions and nuances of the original language and communicates your message in a new language. To accurately translate your written document or video file, context is vital to determine the meaning of the words and how grammar is used.


Another part of linguistics is adapting to a particular culture. A word in one part of the world can mean something else, somewhere else. You need more than just the translation of content. There is local cultural appreciation to take under consideration when translating materials. 


Addendum Communication has the experienced management and translator team to relay your message correctly and accurately for your targeted audience.

Reach your intended audience using the words you need. We’re proud to provide high-quality, cost-effective professional translations written and fluent like the original. Contact us for a free quote today.


7027 Lanewood Ave., Suite 311

Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Tel: 310-502-6988

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